A declaration from commission of Integrity of Kurdistan Region

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Commission of Integrity of Kurdistan Region as a special commission that established within law and it aims to confront corruption, because of not having personal and incorporeal abilities only in Erbil, Sulaimani and Duhok has special directorates and staff for implementing its duties it means commission of Integrity of Kurdistan Region has no offices in almost half of Kurdistan Region for implementing its duties.

Recently published its report of 2016 and we want to clarify some of the following points:

1-Corruption as a terrible disease in Kurdistan Region has its existence without differentiation in districts and governorates, the more or less of corruption is linked to exceeding of official institutions and the amount of those budgets that devoted to.

It means that all the information that we have about having corruption its only apart that exists in reality.  

2-We will publish all information and lawsuits according to law we will record all information even if the issue was administration disobedience after compilation and will be treated according to its specialties. Many times we will receive lots information about one subject.  

3-Chairman of commission didn't mention any governorates which has more corruption from one another while interviewing with Rudaw which is made as transverse headline only data's were presented contrarily punishment and news teller lawsuits in Erbil in some cases is less than Sulaimani and Duhok and sometimes were close to each other, the statistic of punishment and news teller lawsuits in three governorates for 2016 is as the following ways:


News teller lawsuit                  punishment lawsuits

Erbil                       54                                                  51          

Sulaimani               70                                                  70  

Duhok                   70                                                    70     


Transferred lawsuits for courts

Erbil                                                   9

Sulaimani                                          10   

                        Duhok                                               33   


Now the number of punishment lawsuits that remained is as the following ways:   

Punishment lawsuit

Erbil                                                     65

Sulaimani                                             51  

Duhok                                                  22    


Those numbers keeps getting change and apart of this punishment lawsuits will transferred from governorates to Erbil according to this capital and ministries that has according to place specialties or will shut down with the decision of investigation judges of Integrity.  


4-According the cooperation of commission of Integrity this commission established with law and without cooperation of official institutions cannot be able to implement its duties that's why from presidency of Kurdistan Region continuously send information and data about corruption within appreciation last year they send (100) files of corruption for us and cooperate us personally and incorporeally even Region government, Parliament, Jurisdiction, Council of Financial observation, General prosecutors, Organizations of Civil Society and media all of them were cooperate us in process of Anti-Corruption.