The statement of the chairman of commission of Integrity in commemoration of Anti-Corruption day

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 The commemoration of Anti-Corruption day took place in Saad palace convention Centre and Dr. Ahmed Anwar chairman of commission of Integrity presented a statement and the text contains:

Mr./ The deputy of the chairman of parliament and parliament members

Mr./ The representative of the president of council of ministries of Kurdistan Region and dear ministers

Mr./ Chairman of Jurisdiction  

Mr./ Chairman of Divan of Financial observation

Mr./ Chairman of the commission of Human Rights and chairman of election committee

Mr./ The representatives of consulates in Kurdistan Region


We as commission of Integrity of Kurdistan Region welcome you and thanks for being here in this ceremony:

9/12 is Anti-Corruption day and this date were specified by United Nations after accepting the agreement of United Nations against corruption in 31/10/2003 for the purpose of publishing awareness against corruption and introducing this agreement globally, United Nations agreement against corruption were started to implementation in 12/2005 after many countries voted on it now (174) country is a member in it, Iraq as a law accepted this agreement in 2007 in parliament and now it is a part of the Iraqi law and consider as an Important step for the purpose of Anti-corruption crimes which their effect passed boarders of countries and became international crimes.

Today arranged crimes, money laundering, bribes, misusing authority with different types passed boarders of countries within globalizing economic activities, progressing technologies, electronic trades and transferring money among countries.

In the first article of this agreement the aims were clarified which contains:

A-Publishing support and preventing corruption more actively.

B-Simplifying international cooperation and technical support in this field such as returning properties which gained from corruption crimes.

C-Developing transparency, accountability, managing the affairs of public sector and public possessions.


Ladies and Gentleman…..

Iraq after 2003 one of the steps of ((CPA)) was establishing commission of Integrity of Iraq as a law after that in 2011 the law was amended during the second course of Iraqi parliament.

In Kurdistan Region in 2011 the law of commission of Integrity was published in Kurdistan parliament.

In the middle of 2013 started to build the commission within electing the chairman of commission and after that many parts of the law as a law number 7 in 2014 were amended on the recommendation of commission.




According to the law of commission the aims are:

-Anti-corruption and prevention.

-Supporting the basis, transparency, accountability, providing rule of law.

-Assessment and correction of behaviors and duties scale of general service, taking responsibilities and simplifying the considered ways.

-According to the law of commission works in three main field for achieving its goals.

First/ Prevention and developing transparency field: Which finds itself among many duties which commission worked on it for the purpose of terminating or reducing those conditions which causes corruption crimes. One of the duties is publishing instructions of asset disclosure of officials of Region which is mentioned in the law and the aim of it is publishing more transparency, ensuring on the issue that high officials not using their posts for special purposes and being rich that's why for the first time in the commission law unfair achievement crimes were mentioned as a result of misusing posts and this will prevent it, this was the first job of commission in this field in 2014 started to publish forms and %99 of the forms were returned back and till now the process of inspection in a part of the forms within cooperation of special institutions  of registering lands and cars and other properties is continuing.

This instruction were amended again this year under the light of previous works in a way that each trustee if his/her post was temporary as minister or parliament member has to fill this form in his/her first and last year of his/her post and those who has permanent post has to fill this form once in three year. In  another field as publishing awareness commission implemented many duties as the attempt of opposing bribes which were started this year in Erbil governorate and briefly taking bribes for a number of institution employees were clarified, unfortunately within affection of bad financial crises this crime is almost developing in some government institutions, because of awareness of employees legally we consider important in this field, and this one except taking legal ways we will receive information about this issue.

Publishing integrity, loyalty within all ways unfortunately media didn’t cooperate us enough which many times we distributed (CD) about important corruption slogans about this issue on media institutions only a few of them were published this slogans.

One of the important duties of this field we worked with ministry of Education for putting some important initials of integrity and loyalty within simple language in study programs but unfortunately in addition of preparing instruction for teachers for this purpose but due to the financial crises couldn’t abled to publish it and we hope we can implement it in future because Anti- Corruption is very important for terminating corruption instead of the culture of integrity, loyalty, the love of country and protecting public assets as public asset can take palace according to us this field needs many works and a long process and multiple sides which commission works on it according to its ability with government institutions, media and organizations of civil society.

An important point in this field for developing transparency and activating the law of gaining information which the instructions were accepted by council of ministries and last year we are with cooperation of commission of Human rights implemented a workshop and we worked on it because transparency is one of the main fields of gaining information, and this is in recommendations of international transparency organization and takes a great role in Anti-Corruption.

Another point on reducing Routines and simplifying opinions of citizens which commission is busy with some departments simplifying opinions of citizens has roles in reducing corruption and the opposite is still true, in this field must work seriously for establishing E-government which has a huge role in developing government activities and reducing routines, earning time and material and human abilities which now a days many countries work with this system.

Another job in this field is publishing instructions of officials according to commission law which previously were published in Waqqai Kurdistan newspaper and after two month from this date will be in implementation process.

It's worth stating that previously in council of Ministries almost the same instruction within initiation of good polity office was published but they didn’t work enough on it.

This instruction is a part of conformity of countries according to the United Nations agreement for Anti-Corruption.




The aims of these instructions are:  

-Strengthening insurance and certainty of public sector in the ways of putting the basis of work behavior.

-Strengthening the basis of officiating general employees and sticking in to it, general employees must stick in to many bases of values while implementing duties of employee such as:

-Respecting law. Integrity, transparency, equality, justice, loyalty, honesty and deposit….etc.  

This instruction after implementation process we will implement a huge  campaign for the purpose of clarifying the index for employees and thanks for council of ministries for generalizing it for all institutions, the aim of this instruction is sticking the employees of public sector within many values of behaviors for the sake of developing abilities.



Second/ Legal observation:

Another authority of commission of Integrity is observing of being legal and integrity of activities and the decisions of Region institutions for this purpose legal department in previous years worked on reforms and specifying weak points and disobedience of law in officiating field and participating in many government activities and committees as observer for the purpose of developing those activities which were implemented during this year participating in many committees for formulating the basis of government institutions and reducing government coasts.

Identification of files of officials and legal conditions in establishment process and ranking recommendations for those sides for the sake of solving them.

Another point is representing commission in the process of sentencing those cases which were sending to special courts after finishing in investigation courts according to commission law because commission is a side of trialing process as legal ways till the final stages of the cases.

Negotiation with universities for the purpose of implementing legal research and general administration to put in to university programs in researches and master and PHD letters till it will be clear academically the level of corruption in Kurdistan Region.

Following up the dossier of officials in all three presidencies about certification and year of service and proficiency here we have a problem which is election for sides some people gained posts without service and deserved certification and election.

In another side we started for those people who are officials in Region and has foreign identity card in addition to Iraqi identity card, also those who are university teachers and those who has PHD the process of following up will be implemented on him/her.



Third/ Investigation in corruption cases:

One of the duties of commission is investigating corruption cases which commission receives information about them; I would like to clarify the ways that commission deals with them, in 2014 accepted the bases of Investigation and were published in Waqqai Kurdistan newspaper.

The investigations pass through three stages which contains:

1-Information on corruption cases by E-mails or hotline, directly by media or in any way which will be registered by commission.

2-Newsteller cases, after identification of information by commission investigation will investigate with them, if there is not enough proof chairman of commission has right to postpone it on suggestion of professional committee.

3-Punishment lawsuit while news teller lawsuit will put in front of justice investigator of Integrity within sign of becoming punishment lawsuit and the decision of Shutting down or transfer to judge who is responsible for that.

It's almost two years in Erbil after in Sulaimani and Duhok the investigation were started in corruption cases after transferring a number of investigators by jurisdiction and specifying judges for investigation courts of integrity according to commission law and we appreciate the cooperation and negotiation of jurisdiction and till now continuing on statistics of information and news teller and punishment lawsuit were published this year for the first time the process of trialing were started in some cases by commission and investigation process were implemented on it with decision of justice investigator were send to courts.

This year till now (42) cases of investigation were finished and were send to courts according to us it's a good beginning and the process of Anti-Corruption will be implemented we hope next year jurisdiction and courts take serious attempt for solving this cases with many punishment lawsuits because according to us solving this cases takes a great role in confronting corruption.

Another important point which according to us in an obstacle in developing investigation in corruption cases many immunities and inducements in Kurdistan which unfortunately many parts of it published as law in Kurdistan Region.

One of the recommendations of International transparency organization for prohibiting corruption is removing immunity because implementing active law is necessary for punishing criminals and nobody should not be above the laws so as no one can run from punishment.

Another point which made duties of commission not contain the whole Kurdistan Region not having investigation staff and financial crises for opening necessary offices in these areas for those cases that need to be solved so as next year can contain the whole Kurdistan Region. 


Negotiation with institutions

An important point which commission of Integrity worked on it is strengthening the relations with institutions of Kurdistan Region in all three presidencies of Region it means legislative law and implementation, justice and commission and another observational institutions as divan of financial observation with justice authority we have a strong and good relation and continuously we implement meetings with the presence of justice investigators and we hope to develop more for the purpose of the rule of law and implementing the decisions of courts in Kurdistan Region. The institution of general prosecutor takes a great role in the process of investigation and trialing.

Another side which commission has a good relation with it and it's the first institution which signed common protocol we appreciate their negotiation and cooperation, the cooperation between this two institutions takes a great role in establishing the rule of law and Anti-Corruption we appreciate and support the active role of general prosecutors in this field.

Also commission has a good relation with organizations of civil society especially those who work in Anti-Corruption field and they're good copartners of our commission.



The strategy of Anti-Corruption:

Many countries for the purpose of Anti-Corruption have special program in the frame of the strategy of the roles of all related institutions were specified in this process, between 2010-2014 and now work on the strategy of 2016-2020, in Kurdistan Region one of the conditions of commission is preparing the drafts of this strategy due to the financial crises and the lack of staff we couldn’t abled to work on it, it's been more than a year within cooperation of British Westminster institution we worked on this issue and a special committee were established for this issue by related sides and the drafts were send previously on the recommendation of commission council of Ministries of Kurdistan Region established a committee for accepting the final draft of the strategy which we hope in the beginning of next year can be done and put in front of council of Ministries for decision and after that establishing a higher committee for supervising and implementing this issue.

National strategy take an important role in Anti-Corruption because clearly clarifies the roles of all institutions of public sector, the organizations of Civil society, media and citizens in this process and according to us without national attempt of all people Anti-Corruption will not have a good result because the problem is huge and needs the working of all institutions about this issue.



The obstacles that commission faces:

Ladies and gentleman for the purpose of activating commission of Integrity there are many problems that needs to be solved the first one is having a strong aim of Anti-Corruption, political situation, official, suitable law for this process is very important, because it's a hard working in this difficult circumstances within all problems of political, official, economy causes a bad circumstances for reform process and Anti-Corruption according to this unhealthy situation our efforts and hardworking will be like walking through a land full of mines which all dissensions in Kurdistan Region and institutions will reflect and will not let us and other observational institutions to work.

According to the local situation of commission the amendment of law of commission and many other laws is above all the needs of commission and we are waiting for activating parliament for this purpose.

 Providing material ability, professional staff of investigation and all fields, developing abilities and training courses is the most important needs of commission so as the works can be managed in a best way and can take all Kurdistan Region areas.

Finally we ensure all sides that commission of Integrity implements its works impartially and professionally and respect the fame and honor of all employees of public sector and treats according to constitutional principle of (accused one is innocent till his/her accusation will be proven in court) and consider itself as a positive reason for the purpose of encouraging reform process and arranging  the institutions of Kurdistan Region and establishing an active management for serving the citizens of Kurdistan Region.

Thanks for cooperation of all sides in this process and again welcome.