The projects will not be the place of opposing corruption ?



 Sarkhel Hashm

There are many discussions on corruption in Kurdistan Region without thinking of opposing the corruption which means terminating corruption didn't became the main bases in management in Kurdistan Region.

Management in Region became so familiar within corruption which may be will not be easy to put and differentiate the strategy of confronting corruption, after this situation of financial and economic crises that Kurdistan Region faces, because of that political parties are government generators, so this issue will be more relevant to them.

None of the political parties in Region which now and previously participated the government didn't have any specific project for opposing corruption.

Many discussions and commenting on not transparency issues are not having the aim for confronting corruption and attempt for building transparency, also political parties expects to achieve transparency.

Calling out political parties for a meeting with Kurdistan Region government and presenting income data and petrol issue is another proof that yes previously there was not transparency and none of the political parties and government didn't tried to solve the corruption issue.

It's true that in Kurdistan Region there are some institutions which is special for confronting corruption, but so if there is no real aim this institutions will not be able to work, that's why if there was a hope for opposing corruption the deactivating Kurdistan parliament, government contraction, not ruling of law and legal gaps reduced this hope. 

If political parties, government and presidency of Region has a serious and specific project for terminating corruption, then will be no doubt for taking serious steps and we will move forward, that's why we all must take the responsibility of this issue and work for the same directions, making the issues of confronting corruption as the bases in the projects.

In the end the issue of confronting corruption in government projects and political parties didn't fit in the Region, that's why unexpected bad situation became predation because of corruption.  


Translated by Srwa Wryia