Which one of you talks about corruption?

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Kurdistan Region now is going through a sensitive phase of political, economic and social, but sections of life aren't stopped and continue if education section, health and service continue, so there is no need to stop confronting corruption.  

The observation isn't false, if we say this phase now is the most appropriate and suitable situation if we want to confront corruption, may be the important question starts from now on why and how?

Past 24 years in Kurdistan Region without commission of Integrity and council of financial observation official authority were managed, but in this period of time nobody asked who corruptors are and why they corrupt.

Now Kurdistan Region in the issues of political and democracy steps ahead, it is important that the issue may face confronting corruption, governor parties are busy with party and political meeting lets specialize a package for this issue, nobody complain, previous months less than 20 political meetings of Region didn't implemented, who mentioned corruption and confront it in this meetings? Why didn't mentioned? So this is proven that till now requiring confronting corruption is weak in Kurdistan Region.

Citizens of Kurdistan Region understood that and don't want party meetings for the purpose of distributing and acquiring post anymore, the thing which is important for them are prohibiting corruption  in their country, make life habitation easier and no doubts that without prohibiting corruption their life habitation will not be developed!.. it's time for our Region citizens to questioning that in past 24 years of governing of Kurdistan Region many parties went through authority and tested opposition what have you done for confronting corruption? What's your serious package for this issue? In your meeting how many special points did you have for this issue? Till now the corruptors of corruption are missing? How much you cooperate commission of Integrity? How much you want this commission to be successful? Why isn't strong enough?.... these questions must be asked and nobody answers and will stay like this .

All of us feel that it's shame that our officials busy with corruption and it's types and peshmarga defend us, it's enough lets educate a generation in future feel responsibility against corruption and at least one step ahead about this issue. 

Needs many discussions, but in the end if there is requirement for confronting corruption support commission of Integrity and together we will confront corruption and build a nation as the example of democracy and transparency.       


 Translated by Srwa Wryia