Corruption effects on democracy and economical process in the country

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Viyan Abubakir yassin

 Corruption generally, and in particular the political corruption is misuse of the public administration offices for secrets, illegal and persona gains.

All types of government, and the most usual ones is awarding extra years of services for performing and gaining public services and bribes, using threats for obtaining public services, using different effective ways, stealing government’s assets by the employees, using nepotism, And other personal relations.

Every day we hear from politicians, educators, writers, journalists, artists, various experts, even from the ordinary people the corruption terminology.

It is quite true that the corruption has become universal phenomena and touched all aspects of life. All people talk about, that no matter when or where the corruption exist it is an obstacle to the economical growth and development. And corruption would have a significant impact on democracy and political processes.

 Corruption will create a huge obstacle to the political development; it will lead to weaken the democratic process and practice of good government rule through undermining and destruction of official processes. Practicing corruption acts in both elections and legislative institutions will decrease accountability and the role of representation in decision making issues.

 Corruption within the legislative authority will lead to the dysfunction of the rule of law.

Corruption within the public service administration will lead to the unfair performance of the services.

In more general term, the corruption will gradually undermine government’s institutional building capacity at a time that no one cares about it. All of the resources will be misused, new employees will be hired. They also get promotion without consideration to the level of their hard work, at the same time corruption will weaken the government legality and some of the democracy principles such as honesty and forgiveness.

Furthermore the corruption will weaken the country’s economy through those entire disturbance and incompetent that result from it. In private sectors corruption will cause the elevation of the commercial activities as a result of spending (give away) money through illegal ways, and the cost of paying the employees to avoid disclosure and breach of their illegitimate arrangements. Although  one may argue that (state) will result in less spending through skipping the routines activates, a new statistic shows that that the existence of bribes will encourager to construct a new regulation and obstruction  methods.

While the corruption will result in the inflation of their business and projects, at the same way will lead to the disruption of the trick, and prohibiting other companies and institutions form competition, thus it will result in continuation (stay) of unskillful establishments.

Moreover, Corruption will cause the economical disturbance, and in the public sector through alteration of common investment to capitalistic projects that has more inducement and illegitimate gain of money. Employees may face  extra technical difficulties in the public sector projects to hide these type of problems, thus further investment disruption will appear, corruption will lead to diminish  the adherence to the  construction ,environment  and other orders(instructions): also will  lead to reduction of the  quality of infrastructure and governmental services, and will lead to budget strain on the government.