Commission of Integrity and Kurdish media

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In Kurdistan region Kurdish media divided for some parts contains the media's of (political party, shades and private), but each of them have their own specialties.

Kurdish media in Kurdistan region in addition of having some problems and disobedience that are implemented against them, but for the specific degree they were able to come closer to the main purpose.

What is the purpose of (commission of Integrity and Kurdish media)?

We all know, it's been a short period of time that commission of Integrity in Kurdistan region established and till now implemented many activities may be it's a lot for this short period of time, may be in another meaning a part of those activities which is under the control of commission obtained by media, so media and commission of Integrity have stable connection between them.

In previous time Kurdish media faced with a lot of problems, we mean general media with all three kinds, in the field of disobedience, not giving information and neglecting media by some officials in region, but now Kurdish media can able to make and find the subject of basic information.

The purpose of the concept of basic information journalist?

Journalists of basic information, is reaching journalist to complete proofs and the result of the cases, and this can be done when the law of gaining the rights of information worked in Kurdistan region, there is some situation in Kurdistan region that media followed up and now became an important case, so media can help commission of Integrity in Kurdistan region.

Other situation that journalists of basic information makes, subjects of having challenge in those areas that journalists works in it, as a sample of the result of this challenge if in a ministry or city can be able to get necessary proofs as the result of this challenge.

Generally, commission of Integrity in Kurdistan region abled to take benefit from those media's that show themselves as a source, of course this will be the responsibility of the media's in Kurdistan region at the time that commission will take benefit from the proofs of a journalist.