Discussions about the strategy of Anti-corruption within presidency of chairman of commission of Integrity is on going


On Tuesday 27/11/2018 a workshop was implemented in commission of integrity which was special for the sector of central institutions within participant of each chairman of commission of integrity, general directors, mr.Dana Saaid Sofi head of reform institution for development, representative of the presidency of Kurdistan region, secretary of the council of ministries, general directorate of the divan of Kurdistan parliament, representative of negotiation and following up in council of ministries.

A special workshop about the sectors of the projects of the strategy of Anti-corruption in Kurdistan region within initiation of commission of integrity and a number of the organizations of civil society (reform institution for development (RID) were accepted by council of ministries within decision number (108) in 2017, and was published in official Waqqai Kurdistan newspaper within number (211) in 31/5/2017.

Discussions with a number of institutions and related sides of special sectors were made; also the mechanism and the tools of implementing the strategy with amendment of some of the parts were presented.

In the end many comments and suggestions were presented by participants so as to be written in the law project of the strategy of Anti-corruption.