A seminar about the strategy of anti-corruption took place

On Wednesday 31/10/2018 at 10 Am in the morning commission of integrity implemented a seminar about (special sector and commerce field) in the frame of the meetings of the strategy of Anti-Corruption with supervision of commission of integrity in Kurdistan region and with the cooperation of reform institution of development organization.

In the beginning of the discussion Dr. Ahmed Anwar chairman of the commission of integrity of Kurdistan region presented a summary about the strategy of Anti-Corruption and stated that they can confront corruption through this strategy.

The process of formulating and developing the strategy was discussed with Dr. Dana saaid sofy chairman of reform institution of development organization.

Each representatives of board of supreme audit, ministry of finance and economy, ministry of commerce and industrial, the office of commerce and industrial, investment commission, commerce committee and protecting the rights of workers in Kurdistan parliament, union of work owners and general director of investment in Erbil.

A wide discussion were made about special sector and commerce field also they stated that corruption started to grow when we forced to combine people with public sector and not having trust of special sector and not having a proper law so as to protect the rights of the workers.

Many comments and suggestions were presented by participants and there mustn't publish any special recommendation about industrial and commerce without commerce office and fixing the issue of quality control in Kurdistan Region.