Discussion about the strategy of Anti-Corruption is on going

In commission of Integrity of Kurdistan Region a discussion about the strategy of Anti-corruption was made, economic sector and general finance were clarified in the strategy. The meeting was implemented within participation of the representatives of ministry of economy and finance and accountant units, in the beginning of the meeting Dr. Ahmed Anwar chairman of commission of Integrity of Kurdistan Region stated in his speech that it was under consideration that the strategy would be implemented last year, but now we are busy for preparing the work plan. And clarified that the strategy will be effective on Anti-Corruption and all institutions of Kurdistan must participate and cooperate. Chairman of commission of Kurdistan region marked the context of the strategy and said, the strategy contains of eight sector and discussions will made of all sectors. Later on Dr. Dana Saaid Sofi in charge of training and development institution which supervise the arrangement of strategy plan, discussions was started and took notes of participants.