Taking legal procedures of illegal refineries in to action


On Wednesday 25/7/2018 within presidency of Mr. Nechirvan Barzani prime minister of Kurdistan region, within presence of Mr. Qubad Talabani deputy of prime minister, Dr. Ahmed Anwar chairman of commission of Integrity, related ministers, mayors, head of independent territories and council of oil and petroleum of Kurdistan region implemented a meeting. The meeting was special for discussion about small illegal refineries which without an official permission started to work and ministry of natural resources presented a report about the number of refineries, its places and the history of taking place of this illegal phenomena. They all were agreed on a point that they must solve these phenomena as soon as possible; especially these refineries became a harmful reason for environment and health of Kurdistan region. Some bold samples were stated about this issue in Erbil and Sulaimaniah which resulted a huge damage to water sources, agriculture and to catch some dangerous disease. Ministry of natural resources within cooperation of each ministry of Interior and head of local territories as legal mechanism decided to solve this issue as soon as possible and government must take necessary step for protecting environment, health and life of citizens, later on the result of this legal step must be presented for public. About this issue prime minister and deputy of prime minister ensured on the point that official institutions especially implementation institution such as: ministry of Interior, security council and police within cooperation of mayors must work on this issue in the frame of the mechanism which was presented in the meeting and general prosecutors were consigned legally to cooperate this team, also they ensured on protecting environment and life of citizens is the priority work of government of Kurdistan region, because life of citizens and protecting environment are more important than economic issues and it must differentiate between life and environment of people with providing fuels.