Within 18 investigators, 368 cases of corruption will be investigated

In the frame of commemoration of Anti-corruption day, commission of Integrity of Kurdistan Region published the statistics of corruption dossiers, chairman of commission of Integrity of Kurdistan Region stated" in the Region more than 460 people were retired as special degree without reaching this degree and now we are investigating on it" Dr. Ahmed Anwar chairman of commission also stated" reform in Kurdistan Region can be done through Region presidency and president and there are attempts for confronting corruption , we think that government must implement a new system for this purpose we are asking this as an observational institution in 2018" and he also stated that "national strategy of their commission for reforms must be from roots in the Region and opposing corruption within British institution made preparation for this national strategy that government made decision on it this year, they gave some instructions to the government so as to build a higher committee for working on this strategy , " we are asking that next year this higher committee will be implemented as soon as possible till reform process and Anti-corruption will proceed" , Dr. Ahmed Anwar also stated" in less than 3 years we started to investigate in corruption cases, those duties that we did we implemented within least employees, we have 18 justice investigators while we need more than 100 justice investigators, due to not having material abilities and crises". Also stated that, by legal department of commission, which represents commission in courts and in corruption cases prudence process were implemented on PHD certificates in official Universities. He also presented "we have 190 news teller corruption cases which now are under investigation didn’t pass on courts, also there are 178 corruption cases now are in in courts. Dr. Ahmed Anwar clarified that they are asking for a special court for corruption cases in Kurdistan Region, this is for the purpose of faster proceedings in corruption cases. About those sections that has more lawsuit said" the most lawsuit that we have is belongs to ministry of Finance and Economic which are 78 cases of corruption, also ministries of Interior, Education and Electricity. About the illegal retirement cases in Region stated" we are working on this case since 2015, in Kurdistan Region more than 460 people were retired as a special degree without reaching this degree and now investigations will implement on this cases.